Be there, Communicate

In a unique context like north Sardinia, whichever event acquires a special value, and to be there means to share a special moment for your own company or brand.
A dedicated team of communication professionals will be dedicating soul and body to the spreading of images, video and visibility on social networks and search engines, so as to ensure that the mood of Extreme Fun Games will be transmitted in the best possible way and perceived at 360 degrees.
Choosing to be a partner of Extreme Fun Games means to give your own brand visibility and to be part of a strong, current and dynamic project.

Extreme Fun Games was chosen by Sky Sport HD to be included in the program Icarus. The Magazine Sky is dedicated to outdoor sports.
  • 12 million spectators
  • 20 weekly slots
  • 200,000 effective individual contacts a week
  • 100,000 Facebook and twitter contacts per month
  • 2,500,000 contacts Sky.it a month


  • Publicity via National and international marketing
  • Press release, news and updates on national sector headings
  • Promotion of the event via national radio and presence of international Radio during the event
  • Positioning on the official website with banners and news
  • Social media sharing: Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and Flickr
  • Poster, flyer, t-shirt
  • Pre and post event teaser
  • Contest equipment: Athlete rash vest, buoys, Judge tower, contest fence, half pipe, Start-Finish arch

Brand opportunities

To give any company the possibility to be present and so promote it’s own brand, 3 packages with diverse promotional instruments are provided, with the further possibility to choose single instruments out of package.